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Using Plants Indoors

flower plant_indoors

Using Indoor Plants as Decorative Elements for Your Home

To give your home a natural look, decorating your home interior with the indoor plants is a great idea. It can not only add color and beauty to your home environment, but it is also healthy […]

When Choosing Carpet

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Color & Pattern

Color is the most basic attribute of a carpet. It creates the immediate impression of the floor, sets the temperature & feel of the room, and is the base & foundation for the look & coloring of the rest of the […]

Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are an ideal solution to help you to cool down or warm up in any room, and they have certainly come a long way since they were first invented! These days there is a fabulous range of designs to choose […]

Being Green!

being green

We all love “green” but we don’t think about “green”. Do you have any idea about “being green”? Being green simply means preserving the environment that is comfortable to humans by doing everything you can to be mindful of the environment.

It’s not […]

Recessed Lighting in the Home


Recessed lighting is an affordable lighting solution that is both discrete and versatile. The small fixtures tuck neatly away into ceilings and may be used in conjunction with other forms of lighting without creating a cluttered effect. These small lights can be […]

Designing a Tree House

tree house


The following are the basic ideas you must keep in mind while designing a Tree House. If you want specifics please click HERE.

Yes, building a tree house looks like a very difficult task but if you have a do-it-yourself approach, […]